Restaurant Zoe – Pop Up Brunch


Thanks to my girl Ishea of Six Twenty Seven, she informed me that Restaurant Zoe was having their first ever Pop-up Brunch. I’ve never been to this restaurant and I’ve always wanted to ever since I lived in Belltown – where they were located originally before moving up to Capitol Hill. Looking at the menu before going, I noticed this wasn’t your average brunch. Put on by Chef/restaurateur Scott Staples, there was a scramble with duck confit, a funnel cake with pork belly, baked eggs with more duck, and even green eggs and ham. Reading this menu, I was definitely sold and patiently waited for Sunday to roll around…

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Feast Portland – Oregon Bounty Tasting


The time has finally come… and unfortunately now it’s over. Feast Portland to me is like the New York Food & Wine Festival of the Pacific Northwest. You almost need to plan a whole year around attending this 4-day event. It’s most likely just me doing the most, but budgeting the cost of the event, travel costs, and living expenses takes a lot of saving up on my part.

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Boulevard – San Francisco


After nine years of admiring this restaurant when I lived in San Francisco during college and living on a broke student budget, it finally happened! Moving to Seattle after college, I was able to land a wonderful job which allowed me to live a bit more comfortably and actually save money – which was non-existent before; especially with the high cost of living in SF. I’m sure everyone has those few restaurants they dream of dining at and this was one of them for me.

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Off The Rez


So picture it: I’m on my lunch break and walking towards the market to grab something quick. As I am walking back to work, I see the Off The Rez food truck. I look down at my bag of Pike Place Market goodies, look up at the truck, look back down at my food, look back up at the truck and then finally say “Screw it! I’m getting some Indian tacos!” Off The Rez is a food truck produces Native American inspired food. Their specialty are Indian tacos, but have other menu items that include burgers, fries, and chili (which I haven’t tried yet).

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RN74 – Seattle


RN74 was a restaurant I wanted to try when I lived in San Francisco. Being a broke art student and paying over $1500 a month for a studio kept me away from having¬†culinary adventures outside of school and work. Can I just go off on a tangent really quick and say $1525 for a studio in SF was back in 2009! Crazy I know, but that’s SF for you. That’s what I paid back then. I can’t imagine what that place costs now. Okay, rant over… Unfortunately, I never had a chance to go to this restaurant.

When I moved to Seattle four years ago, I heard that Michael Mina was opening up RN74 here and I was stoked! Finally, I wasn’t drowning in high rent and had a decent paying job. When it opened in 2011, I knew I had to have a splurge moment and it became one of my favorite places in the city.

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