It was my friend and coworker, Helene’s birthday!  We decided to take her out to lunch at Lecosho in downtown Seattle. The lunch menu is not very extensive, but enough choices that should appeal to most.

IMG_0087-2 IMG_0088-3 IMG_0089-4 IMG_0091-5 IMG_0092-6

From top: Painted Hills Burger, Shrimp & Grits, Turkey & Avocado Sandwich, Tuna Melt, Bean-Bacon Soup

My friends’ had the burger. shrimp & grits, and turkey sandwich. Their special was a scallops dish, but as much as I love scallops, I can never resist a tuna melt when it’s offered on a menu 80% of the time. The food was delicious! The tuna melt was solid. With the sandwich menu, you get a choice of a side salad or soup, so I opted for the special bacon and bean soup. It wasn’t as thick as I thought, but it was brothy and very flavorful. From the looks of my friends’ burger, it was pretty messy. She was said it was still very tasty though.

IMG_0086-1Blood & Sand Cocktail

Address: 89 University St., Seattle, WA 98101
Website: Lecosho.com

Lecosho on Urbanspoon

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