Café Campagne

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 This french restaurant is located in Pike Place Market on the corner of Post Alley. It’s perfect for a brunch setting with friends or date night with that special someone. The place seems a little small on the outside, but I never realized there was a whole back room that can accommodate many diners.

 IMG_0021-1 IMG_0025-3Omelette Chiosy

I come here mainly for the brunch menu itself. The egg dishes are spectacular! My favorite on the menu is the Omelette Chiosy. It’s a french-rolled omelette with herbs, escarole, and chèvre. Every time I order the omelette, it’s cooked to perfection. The egg are fluffy and the escarole adds a nice crunch to offset the mousse-like eggs. It’s served with their chicken and pork sausage, roasted potatoes, and a baguette. On a side note: if your dish includes a baguette, they serve it with a triangle of butter and jam. Man, their butter is so good!

IMG_0026-4Crab Quiche

My friend ordered the Crab Quiche. She’s a sucker for practically anything crab- as am I. I will tell you this was the fluffiest quiche I have ever tasted. When you cut into it, it’s like softened butter. Most quiches I taste are pretty dense and/or the crust are still under-cooked at the bottom. This is the type of quiche I can only dream of making in my own home.

Reservations are recommended.

 Café Campagne
Address: 1600 Post Alley – Seattle, WA 98101

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  1. I’ve been wanting to try out some quiche for a while now. Does this place serve it hot or cold? The little bakery by my place only serves it cold.


    1. They serve it hot. I’ve had it a lot of places served cold and they tend to be pretty dense.


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