Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar – Pioneer Square

img_00291This location has only been open for a few days and has already left me with a lasting impression. Tucked away on the lovely street Occidental Avenue South in Pioneer Square, this place has brought in a number of followers from their other bar locations as well as newbies stopping in before a big game. I was very excited to hear they were opening up this location in Pioneer Square because it was a few blocks from where I live. OH YES, let the shellfish consumption begin!

img_00261I came in right before the rush during their happy hour and I felt that the best seat in the house was at the bar. I sat right next to the area where the guys are shucking the oysters. It was like dinner and a show! I got to watch the guys shuck the oysters and prepare the steamed dishes. Like I said, it’s the best seat since you get to see everything prepared first hand. Considering as they were getting busier as time went on before the Mariners game, the servers were very attentive and friendly.  I chatted it up with a few of them as well while they were working. I hope they were not too annoyed. Also, Tom (who I believe may be the chef/manager, but please someone correct me if I’m wrong and I’ll update) came over to shake my hand, welcome me and see how everything was going. That made the experience here even better!

img_0006 img_0003The happy hour menu is not very extensive, but for an oyster bar, it does not need to be at all. From what I was told, the Shigoku oysters, (meaning “ultimate”) are one of the most expensive in the market right now and they are the only place that has them on a HH menu all the time- primarily because they farm it themselves. Now even though it was happy hour, I ordered from the regular menu (except for my Brut…I’m always down for HH libations). First, I ordered a few of the Kumamoto oysters as a starter and one of the Shigoku. Talk about extremely fresh flavors from the ocean! The Kumamoto oysters have more a sweet, fruity profile while the Shigoku had a clean, salty flavor. I could have probably scarfed down at least 20 of these suckers!


Then I ordered the Mediterranean Mussels dish- “DY-NO-MYTE!” as JJ. Walker of Good Times would put it. I could taste every bit of the jalapeno butter sauce even though it was not too spicy. So much flavor was packed into this sauce that complimented the mussels extremely well. I will say both things I ordered went down very well with my glasses of crisp, happy hour Brut. One of the guys at the bar offered to get me bread to slop up all the juices. It was a good thing too, cause I probably would have picked up my bowl and slurped up the remaining juices. Okay, let’s not visualize that…

I can’t believe I have not been to their other locations, despite hearing so many great things about them. This is definitely going to be my go-to for freshly prepared shellfish. Taylor Shellfish Farms, welcome to the neighborhood!

Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar
Address: 410 Occidental Avenue South – Seattle, WA 98104
Website: TaylorOysterBars.com

Taylor Shellfish on Urbanspoon

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