Jemil’s Big Easy, Seattle

IMG_0488-8 IMG_0489-9 IMG_0358-1.

img_2212-e1402979849164-1Fried Catfish & Chips!

IMG_0482-5 IMG_0483-6

IMG_0480-4Fried Chicken Basket (normally comes with fries – ordered without)

IMG_0478-3 Crawfish Mac & Cheese

IMG_0031-2 Fried Chicken Po’ Boy

IMG_0024-2Cajun-Stuffed Meatloaf w/Sausage and Mashed Potatoes (on special that day)

img_2862-e1402979839267-2 Soft-Shell Crab Po’ Boy

IMG_0625-1 Jemil’s Signature Dish: Chicken & Sausage Gumbo

img_3366-e1402980921385-3Crawfish Beignets (when available)

Jemil’s Big Easy
Address: 2nd Ave & Pike Street – Tues (find their truck other days: here)

Jemil's Big Easy on Urbanspoon

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